A short Intro to Dodge D700 and Dodge D350

The Dodge D series is lineup of pickup trucks and was sold in America from 1961 to 1980 after the D series was named a Dodge Ram.

Most of the Dodge D series trucks were similar to D-100 series of trucks. The D series was medium sized truck and were configured with many engine options and transmission that suited best for a particular industry need. Today very less information is available on these old Dodge trucks.

In the 1960 any Dodge truck which was rated over one ton were considered to be a medium duty truck. The D medium duty series included D 400, D 500, D 600 and D 700. in the lineup of D series the D400 to D 700 were over 1 ton and were rated as medium duty trucks. The D 400 was a 1 and a half ton truck and had 14,000lbs GVW, then was the Dodge D 500 which was a 2 ton truck and had 19,500lbs GVW. The heaviest in the medium sized truck was the Dodge D700 which was a 3 ton truck with 25,000lbs GVW.

To cover the open frame of Dodge D700 the truck was equipped with filler panels, large fenders, new bumpers and running board all of this add on made the truck look larger. These vehicles were built on frames that were straight which kept the engine lower in the compartment.

Among the D series the D 800 was a heavy duty truck and was powered by a Dodge V8 gasoline engine. These trucks had a long nose and were heavy duty vehicle and were available as 29,000lbs and 55,000lbs GCW.

The D series were offered with newly styled cabs in 1979s.

Now let’s see what was under the hood of Dodge D700

Dodge D700 came with a standard 361-3 V8 engine that was installed on the vehicle in 1962 and was available till 1971. D700 was also offered with an optional 361-4 V8 which was made available since 1969. Buyers could choose according to their requirement from their Dodge truck.

Dodge D350 was a truck below one ton. The truck was powered with a 5.2 liter V8 and also came with an option of 5.9 liter L6. Power from the engine was taken to the rear wheels through 4 speed and 5 speed manual transmission.

The Dodge D350 was a very powerful truck in those days as the number tells the story. D350 when powered with a 5.2 liter V 8 pumped a respectful 230 horsepower which was the highest at that time when competition to vehicles from Ford and the Chevy.

When the vehicle was loaded with heavy weight the engine use to become a bit nosier but still ran comfortable without loosing on performance.

Dodge was having competition from Ford and Chevy trucks. The transmission systems on Ford and Chevy trucks were much smoother than D350. And when compared with other two models, the Dodge truck was the only one to haul 1070 pounds without much pressure on the engine neither on the driver.

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